About Us

IVP, a public listed company, was founded in 1929.

We started with vegetable oils and later diversified into an array of fields

We were originally part of the TATA Group but later got acquired by the Allanas. Today we are an integral part of the Allana Group.

We were the first company to manufacture Foundry Chemicals in India in technical collaboration with M/s Ashland Inc way back in 1965

Our manufacturing plants at Tarapur and Bangalore have a combined annual capacity of approximately 50,000 MT per annum catering to the foundry, composites, refractory & insulation industries in India and neighboring countries.

A leading innovator of value adding chemicals for diverse industrial applications.

A responsible manufacturer of superior quality products while maintaining the highest standards of safety, health and environment protection.

A preferred partner of choice for the customers in the industries we serve.


We are an equal opportunity employer.

We promote a culture of meritocracy .

We facilitate the right work-life balance.


We understand the needs of the customer and try to provide innovative solutions.

We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by delivering on our commitments.

We take customer feedback seriously.


We maximize the returns for our investors.

We ensure compliance with the laws of the land.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and the social development of the areas where we operate.

  • Company starts as manufacturer of vegetable oils.
  • The Chemical Division is established.
  • Jamshedpur factory for Foundry Chemicals is established.
  • Bangalore factory for Foundry chemicals is established.
  • Diversification into Industrial Ceramics and Spark Plugs.
  • Factory at Tarapur in Maharashtra, for Foundry, Industrial and Speciality Chemicals is established
  • The Allanas acquire IVP Ltd.
  • The Company undertakes expansion and modernisation of its industrial chemicals division
  • The Company sells its Ceramics Division
  • The company expands the Tarapur and Bangalore plants.
  • New reactors installed at Tarapur to increase capacity.
  • The Company sells the assets of its Industrial Ceramics Division on a slump sale basis.
    • Modernises Tarapur, Bengaluru plants and commenced a New coating plant at Tarapur.
      R & D initiatives led to identify and enlarge the portfolio of Chemical business.
      Capacity expansion.
  • Implementation of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified by Internek.
    Commission of new Shell Resin Plant.
    Introduction of new Polyurethane product.

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